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 News From the Region

July 30, 2015: New PCC Iinitiative Accelerates West Coast's Drive for Electric Vehicle Purchases

July 28, 2015: Governor Inslee directs development of regulatory cap on carbon emissions

May 19, 2015: Governor Brown, International Leaders Form Historic Partnership to Fight Climate Change

May 19, 2015: B.C. signs on to new global climate leadership pact

May 19, 2015: Washington teams up with states and provinces worldwide committing to cut greenhouse gas emissions 80-95 percent

April 29, 2015: Governor Brown Establishes Most Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target in North America New California Goal Aims to Reduce Emissions 40 Percent Below 1990 Levels by 2030

April 29, 2015: B.C. congratulates California for new climate target

April 13, 2015: B.C. challenges the world as work begins on Climate Action Plan 2.0